21st July 2010 - 18th September 2010 / Haunch of Venison / London

Pyschopomps is Polly Morgan’s first solo exhibition with Haunch of Venison. It consists of four spheres suspended from the ceiling, each covered in the wings of either a crow or pigeon. Planted one on top of the other, each successive wing unfurls to display – as if this were a flick book or an Eadweard Muybridge photo series – the full range of the bird’s motions in flight.

Art Observed

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  • 10, "Death Becomes Her", text: Tony Marcus, 2010
  • Financial Times, "Stuff of Dreams", Anna van Praagh, 2010
  • Independent, "The Call of the Wild", Charlotte Philby, 2010
  • The Observer Magazine, "Wings of Desire", Miranda Collinge, 2010

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